Leo's Reviews – CHICKEN LITTLE has some issues!

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  1. Most hated character:BUCK FUCKING CLUCK!!!!!

  2. A movie I like (kind of) but everyone else despises

  3. Can you do battle of green between Luigi vs Gon
    (Nintendo vs Hunter x Hunter)

  4. Hi Joey, also can you please do a review of a disney live action movie

  5. Do The Prince Of Egypt next

  6. This is the first movie that i watched

  7. Worst Disney film?

    Yeah, um, almost every Disney sequel ever would like to have a word with you?

  8. I din't hate this movie but it's no the best Disney movie ever made and I liked the detail of putting Chicken little in kh2 as a summoning.

  9. >The Worst Disney movie
    Frozen solos this title

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