The Flavours of Plants| Harold McGee, Author

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Harold McGee is a world-renowned authority on the chemistry of foods and cooking. He has written two seminal books on kitchen science: On Food and Cooking: the Science and Lore of the Kitchen and the Curious Cook.
He currently writes a regular column for the New York Times, which examines – and often debunks – conventional kitchen wisdom. He also teaches at The French Culinary Institute in New York City.
Before becoming a writer, Harold was a literature and writing instructor at Yale University.

About MAD:
MAD is a non-profit transforming our food system by giving chefs and restaurateurs the skills, community, time, and space to create real and sustainable change. MAD is a non-profit organization that inspires and empowers cooks, servers, and eaters to create sustainable change. From luminaries in the field to young apprentices, we’re connecting individuals and equipping them to make a difference in their restaurants and the world.


  1. Rene murmuring right next to the camera after every McGee quip is quite distracting

  2. such and interesting talk. my father has been using shrimp shells as fertilizer for decades and now i know why it works – chitin!

  3. I love these talks, but the camera work and editing is terrible.  For example, its impossible to see whats on the display screen because of glare, so the camera needs to either zoom in or change angle.  Also when the picture slide is changed it should be edited to show the new slide, but the camera stays on Harold McGee.

  4. Amazing talk. Learned so many new things! Thanks for recording and sharing these videos!

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