This Grind Might Take a While.. – Ironman Solo Raids Specialist (9)

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  1. Uploaded i think 3 days or less from last episode. Enjoy

  2. I wish I could raid with you 😀 im a mid level ironmeme

  3. Covers up the wording but not the item pile in the thumb nail rip

  4. Absolutely loving this series, one of my favourite on Youtube right now

  5. Video is bugged for me, Just seeing a black screen.
    Other Youtube video's are working fine though?

  6. Eat an angler then drink your potion when pre potting so it happens in the same tick

  7. I think the first inv burning is to stop 1 ticking kawambwans there

  8. Stay on the grind mate I respect the work ethic

  9. It's not that annoying, but when will you fix the background noise?

  10. Im sure we gonna keep smashing the like no matter how many times we play this game man, loving this series.

  11. my favourite e-couple is a cold one and ricecup! SO CUTE

  12. didnt this guy just max a iron man out and now wants to do it again how you have that kinda motivation lol

  13. 4 blowpipes less than 750 kc damn

  14. Can’t you use slayer helm against lizardmen shaman on task?

  15. If anyone is feeling generous can some of yall who do chambers of xeric take me through it once just so i can unlock kourend elite
    rsn mr Snorkels

  16. Watching you do everything on your first ironman was satisfying. But watching you do it all over again just doesn't really give me the same satisfaction. Even with the little twist you've put on it, I just feel like its missing something. Anyway, keep up the vids, great work 🙂

  17. Happy new year in your pms lol when was this video made

  18. Lovin’ the quick uploads Ri, keep up the good work brotha!

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